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    Thank you for your generosity

    Donations to the International Church of Esslingen e.V. can be made on following account:

    • IGE e.V. • Kreissparkasse Esslingen • IBAN: DE25 6115 0020 0102 1692 03 • BIC: ESSLDE66XXX

    Donations for the missionary work of the International Church of Esslingen e.V. or your sponsorship for children and/or pastors can be made on following account: 

    • IGE e.V. • Kreissparkasse Esslingen • IBAN: DE47 6115 0020 0102 3772 60 • BIC: ESSLDE66XXX

    We pray that your offering will be received as worship and a sweet smell in heaven which will release much love, many blessings and great favor in your life!