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Thank you for stopping by...

Welcome to our church home. 

It doesn´t matter what your spiritual background is or which country you come from: our doors are wide open for you. Whether you just want to stop by or you have question about God, whether you have been a Christian for a long time now or you just started to walk with Jesus, these things don´t matter, we are just looking forward to getting to know God more and celebrate Him with you.

The best would be if you came over and bring some time: after the services we have fellowship together. On a regular basis we enjoy a delicious buffet together. It is great to have fellowship!

What about children? We absolutely enjoy them! During our main service we offer a great childrens-service, where in an fun and caring way kids can experience God and learn more about him. Feel free to bring your children or even your whole family - we look forward to welcoming you!