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Do I really need it?

Yes, it is necessary to receive eternal life and this salvation is given through Jesus Christ, there is no other way to the Father, but through Jesus.

But salvation is much more than just an assurance for me about spending eternity at a great place.

As much as salvation is an awesome blessing for the future, it is a blessing for our present, too. It is a blessing that enables me to receive a hundredfold in time houses, friends, prosperity, peace, joy, restoration, provision and health. 

God cares about me and you and where we are going to spend our eternity, but He also cares about the blessings in our daily life.

Gods desire for us is „on earth as it is in heaven“, this shows us the possibility to bring heavens’ blessings down and live a heavenly life. Now, here and today…

But the biggest treasure is the ability to develop a personal relationship with God. We are able to hear His voice, we can have the assurance that He hears us, sees us, understands us and answers us. We are the most important thing in Gods eyes.

God is not a theory, philosophy or psychology. God is alive, He is real and can be experienced by every person who makes the decision to do so.

For these things God is calling everyone to salvation through His son Jesus Christ.

Salvation does not promise us an easier life, but a life full of joy, confidence, fun and power.

If you want to know more about this kind of life, please come over to one of our meetings and give God the opportunity to be God in your life.