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Where we serve...

  • Germany

    As an apostolic house we consider our own nation as our first mandate. Germany needs Jesus. Germany needs a change. God has set our focus on the young people of Germany.

  • Croatia (Balkans)

    History teaches us about the special significance Croatia has for the Balkan States and the preservation of Christianity in the Occident. We believe that in times to come the Balkan will be of major importance for Europe to return to its Christian values and to experience a Christian reformation and transformation. Repeatedly we have found amazing openess to the Gospel and saw people getting born again and saved in Croatia. In 2010 we received a heavenly mandate for this nation and have seen amazing results coming forth through our prayers.

  • USA

    The gospel is only the gospel, if it is preached with all the truths included. One of our missions is to open the eyes of Christians, whose focus is success, finances and well-being, to see new areas of discipleship such as the government of the ekklesia, holiness, dedication and preparation for persecution and hardship. If we cannot integrate all truths of the Word of God, it is much easier for the enemy to defeat us.

  • Romania

    We believe, that Romania is a strategically important nation for whole of Europe. It has the potential, that the Sun of Righteousness arises over this nation bringing healing under its wings for the rest of Europe. (Maleachi 4,2) The most effective way to reach a nation is speaking to it spiritual leaders. We plan regular trips to Romania and believe that the Lord has a special calling of revival ready for this nation.

  • India

    India is a nation with a population of 1 billion people. According to this great number of inhabitants it is the second largest nation of the world. The economic aspect of India is coming more and more into the foucs of the public, since this nation is about to rise - possibly even to become a world power- in the not so far distant future. For the full blessing of God to overflow this nation it requires leaders and children of God, who rise in wisdom and grace with faith and caring hearts to lead this nation. It thus can become a gemstone for all people. As the church of Jesus Christ we want to do our part so that the inheritance, that – amongst others - the Apostle Thomas left behind will be picked up and their race be completed by this present day generation.

  • Israel

    Being an ecclesia we consider it our duty to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Gods promises for Israel are still valid and Gods covenant with his nation still stands firm and does not sway. We regularly take groups of people to Israel to visit this amazing country with its heavenly gates. We want to be a blessing to it.

  • Ireland

    Ireland ist a tremendous nation that centuries ago was founded on a unique christian fundament. Because of its’ historical background the supernatural world has quite some significance to the Irish people. And in spite of all their difficulties among the different denominations - or maybe because of them - this nation seems to be suitable to demonstrate what true unity in the Body of Christ can look like.