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We consider it our job to get to know Jesus more and more but also to make him more and more known, so that everyone who so desires has the possibility of diving into the good life, that God has for each and every one of us.

We have fellowship with one another and meet together as friends and family to have fun and experience the reality of God with each other, so that we can experience Gods promises today. 

Jesus uses the local church to turn people into humble heroes in our society, people who create new ways through their visionary thinking and innovation to serve the city and region. 

Together we want to make our city and region a better place. There are still so many things to create and invent to make our lives nicer, happier, more friendly and more enthusiastic, ideas that come straight from the mind of God.

Prayer is not a boring duty, that we have to include in our lives so that we can convince God to do something for us or to manipulate him into doing something that he may not have wanted to do in the first place. No! God has already provided everything in Jesus. It is our job position ourselves in order to receive, what has been released for us already, we simply just can’t see it yet.

These may be ideas, plans, visions, courage, motivation, inventions, all of these things are available to reflect Gods greatness around us.