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What is it?

The Church is a worldwide Church. Like a house has many rooms, the church is consists of many churches in many cities, regions and nations. All of them together form the Church.

If we compare churches we will find out, that they don´t look alike. Like every room in a house is different, the same is true about churches in cities, regions and nations. But the purpose should always be the same: to prepare a habitation for God by worshipping God, lifting up Jesus, being led by the Holy Spirit and leading people into the fullness of life.

The International Church Esslingen is a church, where you will see people dancing, singing, laughing. All of these things are an expression of our passion for Jesus. It is one of the many ways how other people can see the greatness and reality of God. It doesn´t matter what country or continent you are from, what your religious or cultural background is, in our midst everybody is welcome. 

We are an innovative church, who is not satisfied with „old stuff“. We are innovative in our lifestyle, our way of living out our faith, our music and even our language, all of this without blurring and falsifying the original message. God is always the same, yet He is innovative and full of surprises.

We are a church, who makes Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit known to the people.

We are youthful, dynamic, adventurous and always ready to see more of God, even though we consist of people of all age groups.

We are a church that loves God, people and life. Youthful in our way of living, selfless in the way of giving and with great expectation in Gods inexhaustible blessing.

We are a church that builds people up, that equips and encourages them to focus on big things. It is not about how big our dreams are, but about how big our God is. And with HIM nothing is impossible. 

We are a church of people, who are not held back by problems. We do not allow our problems to tell us how big they are, but we tell our problems how big our God is.  The God, who created the world out of nothing.