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Who we are

The Internationale Gemeinde Esslingen e.V. (International Church of Esslingen) is a great place to visit, when you want to find out more about God, but also if you want to be joined to people who experience amazing things with God. God is a God who still works signs and wonders today, and he wants to demonstrate that to you as well, at your workplace, in your family, among your friends, during your studies or in your school.

1997 we started as a small group of people who met wanting to learn more about God and the Bible.

Since then many things have changed and new people form other nations and and age groups have joined us. However what has not changed is our focus to help people to enjoy an exciting lifestyle that includes Jesus.

We do not want to be a church, that only releases empty  „religious sayings“ or fights for its right to be the only church that has „THE“ truth. We want to be a church, where faith is being walked out in love, respect, passion and deeds. Our desire is that through this faith and love Jesus will be reflected. 

We are certainly not a church made up of perfect people, but even more so we are authentic and real people, who accept people the way God has created them to be.

The International Church of Esslingen helps people to experience God is and what are the great things, God can do in a persons life. He has great plans for everybody.

God already knows who you are, an it is time for you to meet God on a such a personal level. 

  • For God and for us you are an amazingly special person!